Leoretta 1954

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Required products:    Poser 5 or 6 with the latest service release    

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Leoretta 1954 - The Mother Of Scooters

You are all into retro?
You think that everything was better and the tin was thicker in those days?
Your pinups are whining because they do not have the right equipment for a day out?

You need a Leoretta!

Now your PinUps are a lot faster! And, best of all, the Leoretta comes in 30 glossy contemporary and modern laque combinations to fit every outfit your dolls can think of!
And if this isn't enough there are different saddle-leathers to choose from.

Still not feel confident?!
This pack comes with a bundle of perfect poses done by tabala to let your Victoria look good while driving or posing (and boasting) with her new scooter.

Look what you get:

  • The Leoretta Scooter in prop-format with posable steering
    (examples for posing are included in the readme AND come as quick-reference-pictures with the poses)
  • 30 different color-combinations, easy to apply via mat-poses
  • 4 different leathers for the seat
  • 22 full body poses for V3
  • 10 partial poses for V3's legs
  • 7 partial poses for V3's arms to fit the steering

Clothes used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
Tisa's Weekend Adventure and Sheer and Sexy Bundle by DAZ
All images rendered in Poser 6 Firefly with "In The Mood" Lights by SaintFox.

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