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Required products:    Poser 6 or 7 (with the latest service release), Miki by efrontier    

ReadMe File:
SaintFox and Digital-Lion

Our Price:   9.50 $


Nubya - the charm of Africa

Make Miki a real african girl, proud and beautiful!

Nubya's skin is not uniformly tanned, like a real human her inner palms, soles etc. are paler then other parts of her body.
All head textures are available with and without hair, matching seperate bump-/displacement maps are included to give the illusion of real short hair or smooth skin.

Be sure to use the Firefly-renderer with displacement and raytracing checked to achive the illusion of real short hair and to add the maximum of reality to the skin!

You don't need any 3rd-party morphs to use Nubya, she brings her own adorable face morph, made by rebelmommy - nevertheless you will be able to mix and match her face and with other morphs to build your own, unique character and use any body shape you like.
Nubya comes with her own light-set, carefully made to get the best results with dark-skinned characters.
The whole character package, including the lights, was tested in both, P6 and P7.

Look what you get:

  • 1 Injection files to load the head-morph with additional REM-pose.
  • 2 photo-real body textures: Natural and tattooed with an ethnic bodysuit by Digital-Lion.
  • 2 photo-real "undone" head textures: One with hair and one without.
  • 10 MakeUps: 5 with hair, 5 without.
  • 8 eye-textures with advanced settings to achive shine and realism.
  • 8 nail-laquers with real gloss for both, finger- and toenails.
  • 8 light sets for different situations (portrait, standing and sitting poses) that bring out the most of Nubya and other dark skinned characters.

Hair, props and clothes (beside the painted-on hair) used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
Kente clothing (DAZ3d) fitted with PhilC's Wardrobe Wizard
Alicia-Hair by RDNA (UpDo on site 1)
All images rendered in Poser 6 (site 3 and 4) and Poser 7 (site 1 and 2) Firefly with the lights that are included with Nubya.

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