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Required products:    Poser 6 and up, DAZ Victoria 3 and head and bodymorphs, DAZ Stephanie Petite and head and bodymorphs    

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Our Price:   8.50 $


Tatu for V3

A natural afro-indian Woman

Tatu means "the thirdborn".
I choosed this name because Tatu actually is a set of 3 characters :)
The aim of creating Tatu was to create a really versatile characterpack for V3.
I wanted to get a natural shaped woman, not a model but the girl next to Your door with
all her little fails and faults.
While creating the face and body I have used only the DAZ morphs for V3/SP3 head and body so
all V3 clothing will fit well to this characterset.
Tatu brings her own P6 skinshader to enhance her bodyskin. It adds natural sheen on her skin, nails and eyes.

What You get is an exclusive package of

2 V3 headmorphs- one african and one indian,
1 V3 bodymorph- naturally shaped,
5 different makeups, each in an indian version too to fit the indian headmorph,
6 different eye colours,
4 eye reflects,
5 lash colours,
2 eyebrow colours,
5 different nailarts,
2 classical nailpolishs,
1 natural nailcolour.

Tatu comes up with a very special bonus:

1 full body tattoo designed by Digital-Lion especially done for Tatu,
2 traditional african facepaints,
1 highly detailed egyptian makeup option,
1 additional african character (head and body) for SP3
and 5 new elegant bodyposes especially designed for Tatu V3 and Tatu SP3 (shown here in the promos).

Neither You need a modern or a prehistoric woman, a city girl or a girl out of the savanna or djungle-
Tatu can be all :)

What You get is a cute but realistic afro-indian character for Aiko

  • INJ pose for Tatu's body and head

  • REM pose for Tatu's body and head

  • 6 photorealistic eyecolours

  • 6 handpainted makeups

  • with 6 matching indian options

  • 1 handpainted fantasy-makeup in Egypt-style

  • 8 different handpainted nailcolours classic and with ornaments

  • 4 matposes to change lash and brows separatly from brown to black

Tatu comes up with a very special bonus:
  • A wonderful full body tattoo designed by Digital-Lion especially done for Tatu

The poses are optimized for the Tatu characterset
while using the maincamera in it's default position with small adjustments.
When applying other custum morphs and using props and clothing adjustments can be necessary.

Credits for used items:
Hair: Alicia hair, Miki Challe, Cool Coils, Future hair, History hair by 3Dream, hairtextures by PG-Graphics
Clothes: svdl, DAZ Bikini for V3 and SP3
Colum by DM.

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