Dynorah for V4

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Required products:    Poser 5 and up with latest updates, DAZ Victoria 4 and morphs    

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Our Price:   9.50 $


Dynorah for V4
A classical and classy character for DAZ Victoria 4.

Dynorah is an extraordinairy characterset for Your V4 -
a classical woman with a striking profiled face and a wellshaped body.
Her skin is completely based on photoresources, improved with a built-in-skinshadersystem to bring out every part in it's best. As a special bonus Dynorah brings 6 beautiful and handpainted nails in airbrushlook, additional 2 classical nailcolours, a celtic star-tattoo with the "high-realistic in-the skin-look" and 5 artposes especially designed for Dynorah to show her classical side.

What You get:
  • INJ/REM pose for fullbody, body and head
  • 5 eyecolours
  • 4 lashcolours
  • 6 different handpainted Makeups
  • 1 natural head option
  • 2 natural nailposes- glossy and matte
  • 2 classical nailpolishs

  • The bonuscontent:
  • 5 carefully designed bodyposes
  • 1 zeroed Full Body pose for Your convinience
  • 6 handpainted nails in Airbrushlook
  • 1 handpainted tattoo "celtic star" applicated in airbrush technique with the desired "in-the-skin-look"
  • 1 default torso-matpose to reset the tattoo

  • Please Note:
    All poses are optimized for the Dynorah characterset while using the maincamera in it's default position with small adjustments.
    When applying other custum morphs and using props and clothing adjustments can be necessary.
    It was my intention to create a wellmixed package of poses for the V4 Character with bending the figure to her limits and sometimes above.
    So some break-throughs can be shown by using extreme poses because of the peculiarity of the V4 figure.
    The Dynorah characterset is optimized for rendering in P7 with it's latest updates and using the best rendersettings of this version.

    Dynorah and hair:
    Dynorah is created to give the feeling of a natural and classical woman.
    Her head is scaled to 104%.
    When using hair just load the hair into the scene and scale it up to 104% after fitting to Dynorah with her headmorph- the possible pokethroughs then will hide. Now You can work as usual.

    Dynorah and ambient occlusion option (P6 and up):
    Dynorah's skin has no Ao applied- so even P5 users are able to use the prebuilt skinshader I created for her. To get the special AO-effect I recommand face_offs "Occlusion Master" available at renderisity Marketplace, manually placement of Ambient occlusion in the materialroom or using a lighsettings with Ambient occlusion.

    Dynorahs Nailarts:
    It's possible to apply the nailart to other pale charactersets too but for darker skins the nailbase is too light. So applying the nailart to black or asian characters can give odd results.

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