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Required products:    Poser 4, PP, Poser 5, Poser6, Poser7 and it´s latest updates, DAZ Victoria 4    

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Move V4
70 agile and free poses full with movement for V4.

This is a complete new versatile package of poses especially designed for V4 to show up her possibilities in movement while using her great new features. You get an exclusive package of 70 carefully designed, lifelike and arty poses for Vicktoria4.

This package contains sitting and kneeling poses as well as standing poses.
The poses add realism not only to portrait renders but also to fantasy and pinup-images.

The poses are optimized for the original DAZ Victoria 4 figure while using the maincamera in it's default position with small adjustments. When applying morphs and using props and clothing adjustments can be necessary.
It was my intention to create a wellmixed package of poses for Victoria 4 with bending the figure to her limits and sometimes above the limits. So some break-throughs or crouchings can be shown by using extreme poses because of the peculiarity of the figure.
Don't forget that You can fix pokethroughs of clothing whith applying the magnetfittings delivered with the figure pack.

Credits for used items:
Omega Hunter

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