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Required products:    Poser 6/7, Aiko 3 by DAZ3d    

ReadMe File:
SaintFox and Digital-Lion

Our Price:   9.50 $



A natural beauty for Aiko 3

Do you want a realistic, adult character for Aiko?
Dirkje will give your Aiko the desired look of an adorable young woman.

Dirkje's body is completely custom morphed, her head combines a custom morph with the "realistic" morph.
You can use her original morph or combine it with your own settings to achieve new, unique looks.

This character set is tested in and made for Poser 6 and 7 - you should be able to use this pack in Poser 5, too, but some features like Ambient Occlusion will not show up.
We recommend the use of the Firefly Renderer to get the most out of this package!

Look what you get:

  • 2 Injection poses with matching REM poses for loading the seperate body- and headmorph.
  • A careful made shader system for all textures: Ambient Occlusion, handpainted specular maps, bump maps and refined settings create a realistic, healthy shimmer without any "oily" effect.
  • 4 textures for the body:
    -a modern tattoo-mix of old-school and tribals enhanced for the Dirkje-body
    -the same tattoo enhanced for the default Aiko 3-body
    The "InSkin" tattoos are carefully handpainted by Digital-Lion
  • 7 beautiful eye-materials that react on the light in your scene (no fake-reflections!)
  • 9 makeups for all occasions
  • 1 natural head-textures:
  • 13 nail laquers:
    -9 to be combined with the MakeUps
    -3 funny nail-art styles
    -1 transparent gloss

No postwork on the promotional images beside combining, adding text and decorations.

Hair, clothes and props used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
Jersey-Dress by Hongyu (fitted with "The Tailor" available at DAZ)
Dress Texture by Digital-Lion and SaintFox
Tewlfie Hair by SWAM and Zachrael2002.
BD Shoes by BATLAB, Square ToeCap Pumps by idler168 (available at DAZ3d).
Little Black dress (free!) by Corvas - be sure to check out his store, too!
Shoe-materials by tabala.
The pinball-maschine is included in "PINBALL-DREAMS", the backdrop comes with our Fiat Lux lightset!

All images rendered in Poser 7 Firefly with "In The Mood - The Bundle" and "Encore - Lights and magic" by SaintFox.

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