Delya and Paula

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Required products:    Poser 5 or 6 with the latest service release    

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SaintFox and Digital-Lion

Our Price:   9.50 $


Delya and Paula

A characterset for Stephanie Petite and Victoria 3

Delya and Paula will give your "good old" Generation 3-figures a new, sporty shape and a healthy, natural look.
They are completely custom morphed. That means: You don't need any third party morphs to use them!
You can use the morphs "as is" or combine them with your own settings to achieve new, unique looks.

his character set is tested in and made for Poser 6 and 7 - you are able to use this pack in Poser 5, too, but some features like Ambient Occlusion will not show up.
We recommend the use of the Firefly Renderer to get the most out of this package!

With the wide range of Makeups and body textures this pack will give you countless variations: the fresh and natural everyday-look, the mysterious goth-girl, the elegant urban woman - everything is possible!
Sunkissed, slightly freckeld and with marvellous tattoos they are ready to play the leading role in your sceneries with their expressive faces and healthy, luscious bodies.

Delya's skin is not uniformly tanned, like a real human her inner arms, legs etc. are paler then other parts of her body that got more sun.

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