Sajjan for Miki 2

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Required products:    Poser 6 or 7, Miki 2    

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SaintFox and Digital-Lion

Our Price:   9.50 $



A characterset for Miki 2

Add the glamour of Bollywood-Movies to your Runtime!

Sajjan is a completely custom morphed character for Miki 2. You don't need any third party morphs to use her.
You can use the morphs "as is" or combine them with 3rd partymophs to achieve new, unique looks.

This character set is tested in and made for Poser 6 and 7 - you are able to use this pack in Poser 5, too, but some features like Ambient Occlusion will not show up and you will get an error message (that you can skip) when loading Miki 2.
We recommend the use of the Firefly Renderer to get the most out of this package!

Sajjan's morphs and textures where made with a close look on the stars you know from the colorful, romantic indian movies.
Her golden skin, the spectacular make-ups and her expressive eyes will add a touch of orient to your renders.
Of course you get natural face textures, too: Undone, just lipgloss and a combination of kajal and lipgloss.
To complete the look Sajjan comes with her own traditional Henna/Mehndi for feet and hands, created and painted by Digital-Lion - and with two fantasy Mehndis in metallic gold and silver!

All textures are enhanced with advanced material settings, specular- and bump maps.

Look what you get:

  • 2 Injection and 2 REM files to load the Sajjan's body- and head-morphs separatly.
  • 2 Injection and 2 REM files to turn nipples and genitalia on and off.
  • 6 photo-real body textures: Natural and with Henna in classic dark-brown, brown, red, gold and silver.
  • 7 eye-textures (see below), not color-shifted but made from a unique photoset each.
  • 9 MakeUps/head textures varying from undone over just kajal and lipgloss to the typical dramatic and colorful eyeshadows and lipsticks you know from indian movies.
  • 9 variations, one for each head-texture, that add a Tilaka/Tika to the forehead.
  • 10 options for the nails:
    7 fancy Nail-laquers with real gloss, a french manicure, a clear nail-laquer and one natural, matte nailtexture, all for both, finger- and toenails
  • 6 variations for the body containing a nude texture and five variations of Henna-Painting (Mehndi) for hands and feet.

Hair and clothes used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
Background brush by Stephanie Shimerdla/
Evelyn hair by Littlefox (RDNA) fitted with Wardrobe Wizard 2 (PhilC)
Bollywood Dream clothes, textures and jewellery by tabala
All images rendered in Poser 7 Firefly with Encore Lights by SaintFox.

You need Miki 2 by e-frontier to use Sajjan, available at Content Paradise!.

No postwork was done on the promotional images except some hair painting, adding text and decorations!

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