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Required products:    Poser 5 or 6 with the latest service release    

ReadMe File:
SaintFox and Digital-Lion

Our Price:   8.25 $



A characterset for Sydney

With her pale, lifelike skin, her delicate face and the slender bodyshape Crimson will add a whole new look to your Sydney figure. Built-in Ambient Occlusion and a refined shader-system create a lifezy and healthy look with a skin that reacts perfectly on the lights you use in your scene!

Give Crimson a try and discover the hidden beauty in Sydney!

The morphs make use of the Ultimate Head- and Bodymorphs and the Head Morphs Expansion Pack (RDNA). The bodymorph works with several clothes available for Sydney and is seperated from the headmorph to give you more choices and to make it easy to use the character with clothes that contain no or few morphs.

This character set is made for and tested in Poser 7 on PC only!
You may try to use it on a Mac but we are not able to give support on how to make the product Mac-ready!

We recommend the use of the Firefly Renderer to get the most out of this package!

Great care went into the creation of the skin and the makeups.
As you may know Sydney's bodymesh is very similar to Jessi's - but they are not the same! We used the same basic texture for Crimson that you can see on our character for Jessi, Clover, but took care of the regions that do not match to create a flawless result.
The skin was built completely from photoresources by keeping as much detail as possible. It's not uniformly tanned, all the different shades that a human skin has where kept. Like real a human Crimson has inner arms, legs etc. that are paler then other parts of her body that got more sun.

Look what you get:

  • 3 Injection files to preload the Ultimate Body- and Headmorphs and the Expansions.
  • 2 Injection files (with corresponding REM-files) to load the Clover's body- and head-morphs seperatly.
  • 2 Injection files to turn the nipples and the genital on (with REM poses). These Injections make use of the morphs that come with the base Sydney.
  • 3 photo-real body textures: Natural and two tattoos by Digital-Lion.
  • 7 eye-textures based on macro-photos with
  • 9 MakeUps varying from fashion over classic styles to gothic and one natural head-texture.
  • 9 fancy Nail-laquers with real gloss for both, finger- and toenails and a natural nailtexture.

Hair and clothes used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
Sweater (dynamic) by Content paradise and rat by DAZ
Whimsy Curls by Aery Soul and The cigarette by halcyone
All images rendered in Poser 7 Firefly with The Private Collection by SaintFox and Digital-Lion.
You need the Sydney G2 character by efrontier to use the textures and the Ultimate Head- and Bodymorphs and the Head Morphs Expansion Pack by Runtime DNA to use the morphs.

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