Human Nature - the HDR-Edition

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Required products:    PoserPro, Poser 7 (with limitations!), PC only    

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SaintFox and Digital-Lion

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Human Nature - the HDR-Edition for PoserPro

Perfect lights for perfect skin!

An assortment of HDR-based lightsets, carefully made to bring your character-renders to life!

When rendering human figures it's the appearance of the skin that will make or break your image - so we decided to create this set of 26 lights that are attuned to breath life into your digital characters.

One of the primary features of HDR is that both dark and bright areas of a scene can be accurately represented so that details can be seen in both areas. With PoserPro there is finally the option to use high dynamic range lighting without the need to alter the diffuse color of the materials in the scene. This was often required when using HDR in Poser 7.

The Human Nature Collection contains 26 beautiful sets that simulate a wide range of natural light-situations. Varying from the mild dawn of a new morning over the bright sunlight of a summerday to the clear and fresh rays of the wintersun you get everything you need to create stunning realism.
All light-sources are fine-tuned to boost the details of the skin textures and to create the perfect illusion of a real human being.

Look what you get:

  • 2 x 26 HDR lights: Each light-set comes in two versions: with AO enabled at the HDR and without AO.
  • A handy button to delete all lights from the scene.

Some important hints about the interplay of textures and light:

This set is made for PoserPro. You may try it in Poser 7 as well but to avoid an overexposed appearance of surfaces it may be necessary to alter the color of the diffuse-channel to a light gray. Some tips on how to do it are included in the readme that comes with your purchase.

Poser 6 and Poser 7 users may want to check out the IBL-Edition of Human Nature, too!

Please keep in mind that HDR based lighting is a technic that came with Poser 7. The realistic effects that HDR can give you depend highly on the advanced material options that Poser 6, 7 and PoserPro offer you for your scenes.
If you find your character looking dull or lifeless or if the skin-texture appears very dark we recommend checking the material settings of your figure. HDR based light looks best on characters with advanced shader settings. Your character's material settings should contain shaders that add a slight shine to the skin: A blinn-node or a specular node or -map, even better when used together with bump and/or displacement. If you want to use a character that comes with a plain texture you can add a blinn node manually to all material zones that contain a skin-texture or use one of the tools that face_off offers (Unimesh realism kit, real skin shader, V4 realism kit).

To achieve results like you see them in the sample renders on these sites in PoserPro you have to turn the Gamma Correction off in your render settings!!

While not absolutely necessary the use of Ambient Occlusion on a characters skin can boost realism and the feeling of depth in your images. Often it is enough to set up AO for the character(s) in your scene and leave clothes, accessoires and environment as is. If the materials of your character do not contain AO you can use the "Occlusion Master" by face_off or set it up manually.

A short and easy to follow tutorial about setting up specular effects and Ambient Occlusion manually on every character is included in the readme you get with your purchase.

To make your life even easier each of the 26 lightsets comes in two versions. One version comes without Ambient Occlusion, the other one with AO enabled on the HDR light. If you choose the AO-version everything in your scenery will show the Ambient Occlusion effect. Please note that AO may cause longer rendertimes!

All character sets by SaintFox and Digital-Lion are already equipped with settings for specularity and Ambient Occlusion and lots of other character sets you can buy are using advanced shader settings. The model on all promotional images is Rani.

Hair and clothes used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
MicroBikini/R3 by BATLAB
Maiden Lingerie by hongyu
Shimmer Silk and Magic Metals materials by tabala
Super Bob Hair by Bice and outoftouch
Bobalicious- 50 Textures for Super Bob Hair by Propchick
Rope Dance pose and prop by Ilona and Outoftouch
All images rendered in PoserPro with the Firefly renderer
The model on all images is Rani by SaintFox and Digital-Lion

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