Kabuki Katana

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Required products:    Poser 5 and itīs latest updates, DAZ Victoria 4 and morphs    

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Our Price:   9.50 $


Japanese theatre is very impressive. The colourful costumes, the makeup, the storytelling.
Now You can get this style into Your poserrenders too!

Kabuki Katana is an exclusive completely new themed package of 100 carefully designed , powerful and arty poses, for Your Victoria 4.2 character.

It's well mixed with sitting and standing and kneeling poses as well as powerful katana-fight poses. Also possible to be applied on V4 male scele /no scale.

As a little special bonus I also included a fantasy katana and fanprops ready to fit the poses and coming with different mats.
While creating the pack I followed a new idea and included separate "hand adjust poses". These only contain the fingers poses so it's easy to use the fans and the sword with the bodyposes You already own
So this pack offers all You need for a perfect scene.

What You get:
  • 20 full body poses
  • 20 full body poses for small fan
  • 20 full body poses for the bigger fan
  • 22 partial "hand adjust poses" for left and right hands
  • 5 handposes + 1 katana hold
  • 1 smartproped fantasy Katana sword
  • 7 matposes for Katana sword
  • 2 smartproped fanprops + 3 additional background ornaments
  • 7 matposes for each of the fans
  • IK off and zeroed bodypose for Your convinience

  • Note: The poses are optimized for DAZ Victoria 4.2/ V4 Male Morphs while using the default maincamera with small adjustments and the cameras included in this pack.
    When applying morphs and using props and clothing adjustments can be necessary.
    These poses have been designed as realistically as possible, and will therefore test your models to the limits, and so minor postwork correction may be needed on some joints. However, the poses have been carefully designed to minimise this
    Please first load the figure, turm off IK and load the smartprops. This will ensure You can really enjoy the work with this posepack
    I recommand to uncheck Smooth polygons in the proberties window.

    Credits for used items:
    Shimada Hair, Samurai Sting, Neo Geisha, Sayuri Hair
    a special thanks to poserclub japan for the kimonos
    Kabuki clothes out of the Youko addon

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