Little Miss Lotta

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Required products:    For optimum results, you will need V4.2, Aiko 4, and the ++ and Elite morphs. The product can be used without the full morphs, however, as it contains unique custom morphing. Poser 5, 6, 7 or PoserPro, PC only, not tested in DAZ Studio.    

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SaintFox and Digital-Lion

Our Price:   9.50 $


Little Miss Lotta

The two faces of a girl

Lotta, the little Miss from the big City....

It was the the young, crazy and creative young scene of Berlin that inspired us and gave us the idea for this adorable young woman.

This creation represents the typical Berlin-Girl: She's a lady, she's a dreamer, she's a shy girl, she's a clown. And most of all she is a heart melting creature that will breath life and feeling in every render.
Carefully created custom morphs give Lotta her unique, delicate face and a very slender, healthy body. You can use the morphs "as is" or combine them with your own settings to achieve new, unique looks.

This character set is made for Poser 6 and 7 and of course for PoserPro - you are able to use this pack in Poser 5 as well, but some features like Ambient Occlusion will not show up. Miss Lotta was not tested in and may not work completely in DAZ Studio!
We recommend the use of the Firefly Renderer to get the most out of this package!

Two completely different sets of MakeUp will give you two different girls in one set:
Classic MakeUps create a typical urban girl of our times, Doll-Style MakeUps turn your Little Miss into a fantasy ballerina, a Pierette, a circus artist, a music box dancer, and... and...
Carefully crafted Bump Maps and a finetuned shader-system takes care of the realism. Regardless if you choose the natural face, a classic- or a Doll-MakeUp: Miss Lotta looks human and real! Original nail-designs and a beautiful handpainted butterfly-tattoo complete this extraordinary character set.
All the imperfections, skin color variation and freckles of the used photo sets where kept to give you perfect realism for your renders. Even the unusual red eyebrows that look perfect together with the slightly freckled face where left as they are - and as every face texture comes with and without brows you are free to decide wether you want Miss Lotta to be a real redhead or use the transmapped brows together with other hair colors.
As you are used to when working with our products you get a finetuned shader-system with Bump Maps, handpainted specular maps and well balanced Ambient Occlusion (and the choice to use the character without AO!): The result is a character that looks as real as can be!

Discover a totally different V4 and take a chance on the Little Miss Lotta!

Look what you get:

  • 2 Injection files to load Lotta's body- and head-morphs seperatly (with REM pose).
  • 2 Injection files to choose between the standard V4 genital crease and the genital crease 2 (Elite morphs required).
  • 2 Injection files to choose between a natural and a fake lash length and curl.
  • 2x2 photo-real body textures: Natural and tattooed by Digital-Lion (with and without built-in Ambient Occlusion).
  • 9x2 eye-textures (with and without built-in Ambient Occlusion)
  • 2 mat-poses to turn the trasmapped eyebrows on and off.
  • 4 mat-poses to color the transmapped eyebrows.
  • 2x6 classic MakeUps (with and without built-in Ambient Occlusion).
  • 2x5 adorable Doll MakeUps (with and without built-in Ambient Occlusion).
  • 4 lash options: natural fine, natural dark, doll-style and fake lashes ("spider's legs").
  • a natural, undone face-texture in two versions, with and without AO
  • 10 fancy nail-designs with real gloss for both, finger- and toenails and two natural nail texture.
  • 4 handy poses to preload the base-, Elite-, Aiko and ++ morphs. These morphs where only used to finetune the body-shape and face of Lotta - if you don't own them all the custom morphs will work anyway.

Hair and clothes used in the promotional images are not included!

Used items for the promotional images:
Delphia Hair (DAZ) and Scandalous Outfit (Boots, hat, collar/RDNA) by Littlefox

Corset and Bra from Special Fashion Set by Jasmina
all cloting materials by tabala
Zai's Nouveau & Glass Collection by Zai for the background effects

HeartProp from BrokenHeartz by Samildanach

All images rendered in PoserPro Firefly with Natural Beauty by SaintFox.

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